Project Hardware

Site access hardware can be selected for your project from the list below. This hardware allows you to control who can and cannot attend your project site, logging in and out with access ID cards that are linked to pre-qualification requirements in the system.

  • Kiosk – free standing, suitable for fixed entry locations, but where physical access control is not required

    Pegasus kiosk
  • Rugged Tablet – can be used with a SIM for internet access in the field, or via Wi-Fi in the office
  • Office Tablet (Surface Pro) – uses Wi-Fi only
  • Standard Turnstile includes:
    • Turnstile
    • RFID card readers
    • Controller kit to communicate with the server
    • Pedestrian gate for emergency evacuation
    • Maintenance for the duration of the project
    • If a turnstile doesn’t have access to a hardwired internet connection, a NextG modem can be added and a SIM card to be provided by the project
    • If existing turnstiles are to be used, an inspection is required by BriterDoors. This will be at the cost of the project, and will be paid direct to BriterDoors outside the project costings. We cannot install a turnstile older than three years. Any turnstiles not currently at the project site must be shipped to site for inspection, or travel and accommodation must be included in the inspection costs paid to BriterDoors.
  • Alcolizer can be used in conjunction with the kiosks to test those entering site

Please note:

  • SIM cards for tablets and access control are the responsibility of Lendlease.
  • Internet and power is expected to be available at a project site from the day of installation, and is the responsibility of Lendlease. Any subsequent site visits required by Pegasus due to lack of these resources will be charged at the standard day rate.