Lendlease Site Access

Working with Pegasus

About Lendlease Site Access

Lendlease has determined that contractors working on selected projects in Australia must first be registered and qualified with Lendlease Site Access prior to commencing work and/or attending site.

Lendlease is committed to the health, safety and well-being of our employees, partners, and contractors. This online system provides Lendlease with complete insight into its subcontractor workforce, including qualifications to perform their role on behalf of Lendlease.

With Lendlease Site Access, contracting companies register their business details (ABN, contact details), and then register their workers. Contractors select the role each worker performs for Lendlease, and upload evidence of their qualifications to complete that role (e.g., licences). They may also book site inductions for their workers though the system, if required.

Lendlease employees will also be registered and qualified in Site Access.

This system and its associated site access hardware, mobile application and change management processes are managed on our behalf by Pegasus.

How do I get Lendlease Site Access for my project?

Go to Project Pricing Request where you will complete details about your project.

Pegasus will provide a quote based on the pricing agreement. Please note this pricing has been agreed with Lendlease and consistent pricing will be applied. No further discounts are available.

Do all Lendlease Australian projects use the same Site Access system?

Yes, Lendlease Site Access will be shared across all Lendlease Projects in Australia.

This unified approach means that national business rules (e.g., the licences  workers must supply to qualify to work for Lendlease) will be accepted across all projects in Australia. This allows qualified subcontractors to move easily across Lendlease projects in Australia, while maintaining their compliance to Lendlease requirements.

How will our contractors know what to do?

Pegasus has created a dedicated site: lendleasecontractors.com.au which explains the system to contractors. The page includes detailed steps to qualify for certain projects. Each Lendlease project which is added to Site Access receives its own corresponding project registration page and Lendlease Site Access link. There are also detailed user guides with screenshots, answers to FAQs, and contact details to Lendlease’s dedicated Pegasus support team.

Pegasus will also supply you with a change management communication strategy, which includes emails (coming soon, register now, reminder), website content and other collateral to guide your contractors through this new process.

Lendlease Site Access contractor information site

Project Inclusions


Pegasus will provide you with a Project Manager to implement Lendlease Site Access on your project. The agreed scope may include the following:

Project implementation (click to expand)

  • Consult with you on the worker role requirements of your project and configure any new work roles in the relevant Lendlease Site Access system.
  • Publish the business rules associated with any new work roles.
  • Provide a detailed registration process page for your project on the Lendlease Site Access contractor information website http://lendleasecontractors.com.au/
  • Implement access rules using access keys based on your site requirements.
  • Lendlease Site Access system training for your project site administrators:
    • overview of system architecture
    • management of workers in the system
    • uploading documents for workers
    • running reports
    • management of site and access control
  • Upload an initial list of workers into Onsite (data management system) to fast track data input. Please note that role assignments and document uploads will be charged on an hourly rate into the project budget on a time and materials basis.
  • Coordinate installation of any access control hardware – e.g. kiosks, turnstiles.

Ongoing management of your project (click to expand)

  • Install access control hardware at your project site/s
    • Kiosks
    • Tablets
    • Turnstiles
    • Boom gates
    • Pedestrian gates
    • Slider gates
    • (turnstiles, boom gates, pedestrian and slider gates installed by our authorised subcontractor)
  • The Pegasus data administration team will verify documentation submitted by your subcontractors based on Lendlease business rules.
  • Setup user accounts for Lendlease administrators and supervisors who need access to:
    • Onsite Track Easy (back end system data access)
    • Role Competency Portal (Lendlease Site Access)
  • Provide a Mobile App for:
    This is the Lendlease mobile app
    • Auditing worker competencies and compliance
    • Login and logout function for sites without physical Access Control
    • Emergency evacuation and event management
  • Setup notifications for site supervisors of any failed access attempts. For example, workers who have an access ID card from another Lendlease project, but have not met the requirements to access your project.
  • Print and distribute access ID cards to subcontractors and employees.


An account manager will be assigned as your primary contact for all post go-live follow up and program related questions.

A dedicated Pegasus team of administrators is available to assist contractors and Lendlease staff with Site Access process and any compliance enquires.


The following items are the responsibility of the Lendlease project stakeholders to implement Site Access. Lendlease Project Managers work with Pegasus to define your project requirements, specifying who can work on your project and their pre-qualification requirements.

Stakeholder and contact details (click to expand)

Provide data on stakeholders (Lendlease and contractors) for your project prior to go-live, including:

  • Employee details – full name, date of birth and contact details.
  • Subcontracting company details – business name, ABN, contact name, email address and phone number.
  • List of Lendlease system users who will require user accounts and training in the system.
  • Project escalation points and main contacts.
  • Delivery address for hardware.

Lendlease Site Access implementation (click to expand)

  • Define any additional roles for the workers on your project that aren’t already used for other projects Lendlease Site Access.
  • Define the business rules for any new roles, and provide examples of accepted evidence for the competencies, including licenses and trade certificates.
  • Define the minimum requirements for workers to access your project.
  • Provide any eLearning content for project site inductions.
  • Provide visitor induction content for kiosks.

All license fees are payable in line with our standard terms:

  • Initial 50% upon receipt of PO or Minor Works Order.
  • Final 50% upon project go-live.
  • Licensing fees are calculated monthly and paid upfront based on the duration of your project.

Lendlease Site Access management post go-live (click to expand)

  • Assign project induction competencies and access keys to users who are approved to be on site, and any other project-specific requirements to workers (e.g. a criminal check).
  • Manage ongoing site requirements, for example, reports and ongoing management of workers.
  • Confirm any site induction requirements for Pegasus if a site visit is required (e.g. hardware install).
  • Attend system training and provide training to others if required.
  • Verify competencies on site and assign competencies to workers where necessary. VOC’s do not form part of a base role requirement as this is conducted on site.

Lendlease employee Site Access system management (click to expand)

  • Administrators/employees on the project are responsible for entering data for Lendlease employees through Lendlease Site Access. This will include:
    • Updating personal contact information.
    • Adding relevant roles to employees.
    • Uploading documents as evidence to support those roles and submitting the information through Lendlease Site Access.