Ongoing management of your project (click to expand)

  • Install access control hardware at your project site/s
    • Kiosks
    • Tablets
    • Turnstiles
    • Boom gates
    • Pedestrian gates
    • Slider gates
    • (turnstiles, boom gates, pedestrian and slider gates installed by our authorised subcontractor)
  • The Pegasus data administration team will verify documentation submitted by your subcontractors based on Lendlease business rules.
  • Setup user accounts for Lendlease administrators and supervisors who need access to:
    • Onsite Track Easy (back end system data access)
    • Role Competency Portal (Lendlease Site Access)
  • Provide a Mobile App for:
    This is the Lendlease mobile app
    • Auditing worker competencies and compliance
    • Login and logout function for sites without physical Access Control
    • Emergency evacuation and event management
  • Setup notifications for site supervisors of any failed access attempts. For example, workers who have an access ID card from another Lendlease project, but have not met the requirements to access your project.
  • Print and distribute access ID cards to subcontractors and employees.